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Garden of Recognition

In 2008, the Men's Club Executive Committee decided to honour members, who had contributed significantly to the Men's Club, by creating a Garden of Recognition.  They set forth the following guidelines:


Criteria for Inclusion to the Garden of Recognition (GoR)

I.    It is proposed that there be three (3) people brought forward to the AGM each year and, by popular vote, two (2) will be chosen.  In Extreme circumstances, the Executive Committee reserves the right to automatically include any member they deem eligible into the GoR thus limiting the popular vote to one (1) person.

II.   The Search Committee will consist of the standing Vice-President and the Club Captain.  Any member in good standing may put forward name(s) to the Search Committee, whose job will be to arrive at the three (3) best candidates to be voted on at the AGM.

III.  The candidates may be alive or passed, but must have been a Club Member in good standing for at least five (5) years.

IV.  Names brought forward, but not voted on, may be brought forward again.  Names brought forward and not succeeding at the AGM vote may be brought forward again.

V.   Once a person has been voted into the GoR, it is up to that person to determine, from a list of options, what type of recognition might be appropriate.  In the case of a passed Honoree, the immediate family would have the choice of Recognition.

VI.   The list of recognition options should be determined by the Executive Committee and the Course Management.  Options could include markers, plants, trees, stones, etc. but should be specified for size and appropriateness.


The Garden of Recognition sits adjacent to hole #5, on an old green from when Tall Timbers was only a 9 hole golf course.  Four posts were erected to represent corners stones of the Garden.  Atop each post were the first four inclusions into the Garden.  These inaugural entries, each unique in his own right, epitomizes the spirit and integrity of the Members of the Tall Timber Men’s Golf Club.  Unfortunately, each of them had passed away before they could see the creation of the Garden of Recognition.

Frank Denney – The founding father of the Tall Timber Men’s Golf Club.  Frank was the first President and member of the Men’s Club.  His member number 001 has been retired.  Frank served as President and later as Secretary/Treasurer for the early years of the Club before resigning from the Executive Committee in 1997.  The post that Frank Dennedy sits upon is referred to as the President’s Post.  All of the Men’s Club Presidents have been honored with a plaque placed on the President’s Post.

Stan Green – Stan’s contributions to the Men’s Club are countless.  He served on the Executive Committee as a President twice, a Vice-President, and a Secretary/Treasurer.  Always a voice of reason, Stan stressed the responsibility of the Executive Committee to keep entry fees reasonable and the optimism to win a prize, especially with the higher handicappers, lofty.

Alex Goujon – Alex exemplified all the characteristics of a classic Men’s Club Member.  While never a really good player, Alex would always participate in every event at Tall Timber Golf Course.  With a light hearted smile on his face, Alex was always ready for any Men’s Club event, Winter League, Last Swing Tournament, Match Play, Ringer, Skins Game, Memorial Tournament…

Bill Hammon – Always ready to help…  Bill was never an Executive Committee member but you could always count on him volunteering his time and services to any task.  His greatest contributions were soliciting prizes and sponsorship money for various fundraising tournaments.

On the east side of the Garden, five Douglas Fir trees have been planted to represent the children of the Tall Timber Golf Course management.  Brooke and Madison Lindberg are Clay’s daughters.  Paige and Sofia are the daughters of Brent.  Lauren is the daughter of Superintendant Brian Parnell.  The Garden of Recognition is proudly maintained by the wives of the Rum Brothers, Linda Weston and Sue Dahlseide.


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