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The Final Season 1979 - 2019

Message from the Tall Timber Golf Course Management

March 15, 2019

The last eight months have been emotional and turbulent at Tall Timber Golf Course.  As the mountain of debt kept growing, the golf course was forced to sell some of its lands.  Unfortunately, the decision was made to sell the entire property.  At this time, there has only been one sale completed but another sale on 2 lots is pending and negotiations have been ongoing on 1 other.  Tall Timber Golf Course is made up of 8 separate lots.  A separate purchaser has inquired about purchasing several of the properties and redesigning/operating a golf course.  Nonetheless, it looks like this will be the last year the Lindberg Family will be operating the Tall Timber Golf Course.  As such, I have dubbed the year, The Final Season 1979 – 2019.
Last fall, the Tall Timber Men’s Club, uncertain of the golf course’s future, decided to dissolve operations.  Conversely, I have elected to continue the Saturday Men’s Club for The Final Season 1979 – 2019.  A Saturday schedule has been set beginning April 6, with all our favourite tournaments including a Club Championship, Match Play, Closing Scramble (LOSERS DO DISHES!!) & Ringer Tournament.  All the Men’s Club Rules and Regulations will continue as per usual.  Membership dues have been set at $120, same as last year and once again, there will be 2 Bonus Payouts – June 1 & September 14. 
One final disappointing note, due to the sale, Tall Timber Golf Course has lost the use of holes 2, 12, 13, 14, and 16.  We have done our best to continue with an 18 hole golf course using the remaining 12 holes.  As such, Hole #10 has now become Hole #1; and Hole #1 is now Hole #9; and Hole #18 has become Holes #10 & 18.  It sounds a bit confusing but we have been using this configuration since December 1st to play our Winter League Matches.  However, let’s face it; this Club was never about the golf course.  The Tall Timber Men’s Club was always about the members and characters in it!!  Let’s all get together and enjoy one last Final Season 1979 – 2019.
I hope to see all of you on or before April 6th for another great year of Tall Timber Men’s Club activities.  Even if you decide not to join the Men’s Club, we will still be hosting Men’s Nite’s beginning Wednesday April 4th and Burgers, Beers, & Bogeys during the summer.  Towards the end of the year, I will be displaying some memorabilia in the clubhouse that has been collected over the years.  I encourage everyone to enjoy Tall Timber Golf Course while they still can, The Final Season 1979 – 2019.
Brent Lindberg
Tall Timber Golf Course
Director of Operations & Administrations


Message from the President
Nov 25, 2018
To all Members of Tall Timbers Men’s Club
On Saturday Nov 24, we held the last meeting for the Men’s club. After a discussion with Brent on the status of the course, with a sale of one of the lots, it was decided that the Men’s club could not run, on a shortened course, with the possible sale of more lots. There is also the possibility the course may just shut down.
There is left over money from this year, and it was decided that it would be used in the following ways.
#1  On Dec 1st Tall Timbers will be holding a final tournament open to anyone at a cost of $20. The Cost for any Men’s Club Member from 2018 will be covered. Please let Brent know if you wish to play ahead of time so we know how many players to pay for.
#2  The remaining monies will be split into 3 prizes and all Men’s club members from 2018 will have their names entered into a draw. The 1st 3 names drawn will win these prizes.
I know we will all miss the Saturday Morning golf and the get together after. In the spring , or as long as is possible we would like to continue an informal get together on Saturdays, at which everyone would put in $5 and play for KP’s and maybe Putts.
I wish everyone the best, and would be honored to play with anyone, anywhere. Please treasure the friendships we have made and make an effort to stay in touch.

Mark Gilchrist
Tall Timber Men’s Club - President

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